Wednesday, February 18, 2009

If it smells like a skunk....

Yesterday during my first hour, there was a strange smell in my classroom. Students were trying to figure out what it smelled like; I was checking garbage cans.... basically it smelled like skunk.

At the end of the hour, one of my lil Korean students went up to my desk and used my body spray. I didn't think anything of it, except that maybe they had been cooking in her house before school.

This morning before class, she came up wanting to use my body spray again. She asked me if she smelled. I smelled her sweater and sure enough there was a smell. I pulled my perfume out and let her use that. If Coco Chanel can't fix it, nothing can! I tried to make her feel better by telling how I had a similar experience from cooking stirfry before school in the morning.

The student said, "skunk, me" I thought she meant that she was the smelly one--- turns out she really did mean skunk! Apparently, a skunk got under her host family's home and sprayed. The smell has permeated her clothing!!! As soon as the other students came in, they were all gagging. So I quickly got her out of the room to the office and asked them to help her. Poor baby!!! lol kinda funny tho.

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