Saturday, February 13, 2010

whew hot hot hawt

It's funny. I've never been one to look at other men, to crush on, drool over,etc. However,that's all changed now that I am in my forties and single. Suddenly, when I see a man who gets my attention, I'm looking at him like the lion looked at the zebra's backside in Madagascar. I love men. mrawr.

Currently, (this particular second anyway) I'm totally crushing on Trace Adkin---especially from his video Hot Mama

Another man who for whatever reason makes me totally hungry is Matt from Operation Repo.
Sigh. I could totally climb that tree. mrawr.


  1. I love Trace Adkins...another I love it Vin Diesel...John ....know what you mean =)

  2. lol...You and your men!! Careful you are gonna get yourself all worked up

  3. lol kenny, too late. hehe. Tamra, good ones too :)