Saturday, January 31, 2009

Beyonce Video: sexy or not?

Okay, so I just watched "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) by Beyonce---the video. What caught my eye was (again I swear I am heterosexual) the sexy picture of her by Scott Gries, Getty Images North America on She looked pretty smexy, so I thought I would check out the video. Something about the video was off. I'm not sure if it was the costumes, the dance or what. The ladies looked short and chunky (in a sexy way). The dance seemed a bit awkward and not sure if it was sexy or not, frankly. Please watch it and give me your opinion. Thanks!


  1. I know what you mean about looking chunky but you sure could see the muscles in Beyonce's upper inner theigh, when she would go low dance move. But I think it is more sexy this way then if they were shown super skinny.

  2. oh yes, the lady is definitely all muscle. I just think perhaps the choice of costume didn't do her justice. Or maybe it was the dance? I can hear a guy voice in my head tho, saying heck, we don't care!